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A role-play based off of mythical creatures and extinct beasts. A role play based off of Greek mythology but may contain other myths & mythologies.
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If you want to be added, message a staff member that is at least head global mod.
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 Want to join the team?

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PostSubject: Want to join the team?   Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:29 am

I'm very happy that you are interested in a staff position! I'm just going to lay out some basic things, after this, you should be active and have read the rules! Also, you can move up from being a helper if your a excellent helper! Same goes for all other staff positions. Although creator can not be contained, but you can go to head admin. Which will be on top when Zoet and the co-admin is away, and is considered almost equal, in rank, to the co-admin. Helpers do not have to be as active as all other staff members but they must post at least once a week, two weeks is also accepted but any less than that and you are removed from the position. You can re-gain it by sending a pm to the Creator or Co-admin, make sure you are active when you re-gain your position. Three strikes and you can no longer be a helper.

C U R R E N T . S T A F F !

Creator/Head Admin:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Head Admin:


Global Mods:
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]



P O S I T I O N S . E X P L A I N E D

CREATOR: The creator is the person who thought out this site and created it. They usually work the most on the site since they are usually the only ones who know what they want to do with it. They help out members the most, simply because members usually go to them first. Which makes sense.  

CO-ADMIN: They can be considered "second in charge" like a Beta in a wolf pack. They helped to create the site or help the creator with anything they like to be added to the site. If the creator is not online or is away on vacation or something, I highly encourage you to go to this person. They usually have all the rights as the creator, and can create topics, delete posts, make announcements, edit the forums looks, etc. Usually they don't have to ask, but if they aren't sure about adding something they usually ask the creator if it's fine.

HEAD ADMIN: This person helps make plans for the site, order the other staff lower then him/her around, edit outdated information, etc. They usually are very trusted by the Creator and Co-admin to gain this position, make us proud and do a awesome job!

ADMINS: These people are very helpful to the site! They create topics, announcements, stickies, update old information, pitch ideas, help members, and are usually very nice or outgoing and, like stated above, very helpful! They usually help advertise and help us gain new affiliations. They usually are the main advertisers along with global mods, and also stalk to make sure that you follow rules. However, they usually don't stalk every topic daily.

GLOBAL MODS: These staffers help keep order and make sure everyone are following the rules. They can be really active role-players or less active role-players. They stalk every topic, every post, and the chat-box. They also help advertise the site whenever they can, affiliate to new sites, and make sure other sites are not copying us. They report if they find copiers, along with every other staff member.

MODS: Like global mods, they make sure rules are being followed. Except they do not patrol the whole site, they usually only stalk rp or chat-boxes. However they can find themselves helping out Global Mods, if needed.

HELPERS: Helpers are just that, helpers! They usually don't have any mod powers or chat-box mod powers, however some much appreciated and very great helpers can obtain these privileges. This is especially so if all other positions are full and they can not gain rank.


You must be active! I cannot stress this enough!
Inactive staff members will be removed, they can re-gain their position if they message me or the co-admin. Remember 3 strikes and your out for good! You must post at least once-twice a week. Helpers can post once every two weeks, but they must log in at least once a week. Other staff must log in at least 2 times a week. If you cannot keep logging in then message me(or co-admin) or sign up for a absence. Even if you won't be going somewhere, if your unsure when you'll be able to log in tell us!

Skills. Although not technically a requirement skills can quickly get you a staff position.
Drawers, coders, advanced rp, forumotion knowledge, etc. All these skills will give you an advantage of being accepted, although it is not a automatic entree.

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Want to join the team?
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