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A role-play based off of mythical creatures and extinct beasts. A role play based off of Greek mythology but may contain other myths & mythologies.
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 Was I treated unfairly by the staff?

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PostSubject: Was I treated unfairly by the staff?   Thu Sep 24, 2015 10:00 pm

The staff follow these guidelines...including me. So if you think you were treated unfairly please tell that staff member and if they don't listen please contact me asap. I do require proof! So make sure you screen shot anything that is considered evidence, like a staff member being rude to you or not following the guidelines. But be warned staff members are also allowed to do the same back to you if they feel that you are lying or something like that.

I would love it if you went to that staff member and told them that you didn't like how they treated you. Maybe they will be surprised that they offended you and apologize.

| T H E . G U I D E - L I N E S |


These can happen if someone is being annoying, rude, or spamming the chat-box.

You can be kicked from the chat from spamming the chat-box multiple times, posting inappropriate pictures containing nudity or disturbing images, way too much unnecessary vulgar language, bullying, being annoying to multiple users in the chat, rude/offending humor or comments, etc.

Dealing With This:
Staff members will begin to clear the chat-box and if they have to keep clearing the chat box 5-10 times or even more if they keep clicking clear every second. They will tell you to stop, giving you warnings before kicking you from the chat-box. Staff must give at least 2 warning then you can kick. If you have no time to give warning and continue to clear, kick the person. Make sure you are recording this or take multiple screen shots and report it to me in a pm.

Staff if any conflicts happen please, please, please record that or take multiple screen shots and pm it to me so I can take appropriate action or see what's going on and help solve problems.
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Was I treated unfairly by the staff?
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