Creatures Lie Here
Hello! Bouncing Heart Please check back in a few weeks, I'm not finished yet.

A role-play based off of mythical creatures and extinct beasts. A role play based off of Greek mythology but may contain other myths & mythologies.
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If you want to be added, message a staff member that is at least head global mod.
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Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:51 pm by Zoet

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 .:R U L E S:.

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PostSubject: .:R U L E S:.   Thu Sep 24, 2015 5:51 pm

|  F O U R M   R U L E S  |

No double posting, unless the person is a staff member and has updated something.

No bullying/harassment

Follow forumotion's rules
In case you forgot what they where click me!:

Accounts can be unlimited, just keep them active.
Help!I can no longer keep all my accounts active!:

Avoid role-playing in ooc places. If you want to do it outside of the role-play area, do so in the  rp chat-box.
Orrr you can...:

|  C H A T - B O X   R U L E S  |

1.) Do not spam.
2.) Do not advertise your site here more than two times a day. (Such as continuously posting your link to your site more than twice a day or sharing links to pages on it..etc)
3.)If you post a picture on there make sure it is appropriate and is not huge.
4.)If someone is being rude simply ignore them but if it is getting out of hand you may notify the head global mod or staff positions above them.
5.)If a fight breaks out, you may try to control it but if you cannot control it then notifying a staff would be the thing to do. Make sure if you're trying to control the situation you're actually trying to control it, not just taking a side then telling the other person to stop. Getting evidence from the chat is very helpful if you're sending a staff member a pm.
6.) Cursing is allowed here.

|  J O I N I N G   R U L E S  |

1.) If you don't have a name yet its alright to name yourself something such as unknown or random..etc temporaryly.
2.) Your profile will be a mix of your own stuff and your characters info.
3.) If you forget some rules, please come back to read them or ask a staff member.
4.) If you need help coming up with a name our staff and members are very helpful.
5.) If you also need help coming up with a creature that best fits you, staff and members are always helpful.
6.) If you join and become inactive, why join at all? If you're active you will see what fun things we have in store for you.

|  C H A R A C T E R   R U L E S  |

1.) If you are a male or female in real, your character can be the opposite of your real gender.
2.) Look for posts about what types of creatures you can be.
3.) Do not take credit for pictures not made by you.
4.) Do not use someone's name. If it is taken, oh well we can help you come up with a new one.
5.) Do not take someone else's character without permission. Such as you rping as there old character because they no longer use it.
6.) Try to limit how many characters you have! Think about how many you think you can keep active.
7.) Your different characters can be on separate accounts.

|  R O L E - P L A Y   R U L E S  |

1.) Make your rp at least one paragraph long. This is at least 5 sentences, if you cannot think of how to make your rp post a paragraph long, think of things you can describe around you. We do encourage going into detail.
2.) If you need help thinking of what to put you can ask someone for ideas.
3.) If you really cannot get past just 4 sentences, it is fine we do not want you writing random crap because you can't think of another sentence.
4.) You can practice rping in pm with a staff member or creating a post in ooc.
5.) Make sure not to double post unless you're a staff and have a good reason behind it.
6.) Try not to change the setting from one thing to another thing so quickly it may confuse others.
7.) Cursing is allowed here, try to keep it to a minimal towards other users/characters.

|  S T A F F  R U L E S  |

1.) Out of every member you see staff being the most active.
2.) They should know the rules pretty good.
3.) Post at least once every one-two days for global mods and admins, mods and helpers are to post once every 3-4 days.
4.) If a fight/argument was to break out, they should treat each side fairly.
5.) They're not to get into fights with members.
6.) If you create a site on your own do not copy ANYTHING from this site, if you are able to make your own site then you should be able to think of your own things. ©wherecreatureslie.forumotion and all the info on it @Noet (Although some info may be created by other staff; you have no right to steal it.)
7.) You should be mature enough not to spam or break any of the other rules.

|  A D V E R T I S I N G   R U L E S  |

I  don't care if you advertise....but do that in the ADVERTISING category and forum. You can advertise your site links in pm and in the chat-box. Just please do NOT freaking spam the chat-box with your site. The staff will kick you from the chat after clearing the chat 5-10 times. Then you will be banned from the chat for a day or an hour.
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.:R U L E S:.
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